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Craft beers brewed in Barcelona with art, passion and a dutch touch.

Try our beers and experience the goodness of life!

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Miss Ting

White IPA

Very refreshing White IPA with a smooth bitterness and dry body.

White wine like fruitiness provided by Nelson Sauvin hop and spiced, citric notes of fresh lime leaves and lemon grass.


HOPS: Nelson Sauvin

MALTS: Flaked Wheat, Barley and Oats, Pale, Munich light

EXTRAS: Lime leaves, Lemon grass

ALC/VOL: 6.1%

IBU: 46


Admiral B.


Coffee Ale

Flavours of dried fruits balanced with subtle notes of coffee gives this deep red-brown Belgian Dubbel-ish beer an interesting complexity and medium body.

Infused with a premium quality coffee, low in bitterness and acidity which provides nutty and floral flavours.

HOPS: Magnum, Lublin

MALTS: Flaked Wheat and Barley, Ale, Pils, Crystal Dark, Special B, Coffee Malt

EXTRAS: Coffee Gourmet, Brown sugar

ABV/VOL: 6.9%

IBU:  26


Foxy Lady

Belgian Blond

A sexy medium-dry blond with a nice balance of malty, spiced and fruity flavours.

The sweet orange peel and Willamette aroma hop compliment the flavours provided by the Belgian yeast used.

HOPS: Target, Willamette

MALTS: Flaked Wheat and Barley, Pale, Munich Light

EXTRAS: Sweet Orange Peel, Candi Sugar

ABV/VOL: 6.7%

IBU: 30

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Belgian IPA

The flavours provided by the yeast and hops go hand in hand in this rich Belgian IPA.

Tropical fruits, spicy hints and some malt sweetness.

A pleasant dry finish with a smooth bitterness.

HOPS: East Kent Golding, Mosaic

MALTS: Belgian Pale, Vienna, Biscuit Malt, Flaked Wheat

ABV/VOL: 6.6%

IBU: 60

Our story


GoedhArt Craft Beer is a range of premium craft beers brewed in Barcelona with a Dutch touch.

GoedhArt is owned by Marco Goedhart. He was born in Rotterdam and has an organic analytical chemistry background. He has been living in Barcelona for many years and currently lives in the Les Corts neighborhood.

The GoedhArt story started out at the end of 2016 with a range of eight beers produced as a homebrewer, with a plan to transform his passion into a profession and a dream to develop his own brand.

In 2018 a core range of three beers arrived on the market, after an intense period expanding his knowledge as a brewer and fine tuning the recipes. Although GoedhArt is the main brand, each beer has its own distinctive name, story and flavour profile.

In collaboration with different breweries in Catalonia, Marco Goedhart produces unique beers in batches of 1000 liters. All beers produced are unfiltered, bottle conditioned and only the best  ingredients are used to meet the highest standards of quality. In addition, his aim is to reduce waste and increase the efficient use of resources. The grains used during brewing are reused as animal feed and delivered to local farmers.

When asked why to introduce a new brand of craft beer in this growing market, he says:

"I have learned that happiness is cultivating your own garden. For me it means dedicating yourself to what you are passionate about and to be good at, considering your direct environment. The entire process of making beers is very interesting and creative. There are a multitude of factors influencing the final product. This offers endless possibilities to make something unique and full of flavour."

And what about the brand name?

"GoedhArt is my surname. It means good heart in Dutch and it also has "art" in the name. Enough reasons to use it as a brand name, I would say."

Discover our beers!

GoedhArt. Craft beers brewed in Barcelona with art and passion!



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